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Dental Insurance Facts

Proper dental care is an important aspect of leading a healthy life. It is also to be kept in mind that dental problems are very common in the country and treatment for dental diseases is very costly too. Moreover, if you have kids it is likely that your expenses on dental care would certainly escalate. So, it makes great sense if you have proper dental insurance policy in place for you as well as for your family members. The dental insurance professional will help you obtain the benefits contained in the policy. With dental insurance policy in place, you can easily afford frequent check ups as well as treatment as and when required. However, it is also important to select a proper dental insurance policy. Here we describe some tips so that you can choose a dental insurance policy which suits your requirement best.


Consult your dentist


You can consult your dentist for recommendation of a plan. Your dentist can suggest you a suitable insurance policy as well can warn you against dental insurance companies which have bad reputations. If you do not have dental insurance policy in place, you can consult your friends regarding plausible insurance policy that you can opt for.


Check the credibility of the insurer


You can go thorough the websites of the dental insurance companies in the Internet. You can easily obtain the quotes offered by different insurers online. After making the comparison, you can pick the one which meets your requirement best. However, before taking the final call, you need to check out weather the insurer that you have selected has the necessary license and whether there is record of complaints against them. So as you check the credibility of the dental insurance company that you have chosen, you can also browse through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. From the ranking given in the BBB website, you can get a fair idea about the credibility of any insurer.


Ensure that the insurer do not have the upper hand


It is advisable that you should avoid those policies which give an upper hand to the insurer. It other words, it is recommended that you should purchase a policy which allows you and your dentist to make the decision about treatment. Avoid those policies wherein insurance professional force you to choose a low cost and risky treatment.


Given the higher rate of dental problems, it is recommended that you should have proper dental insurance plan in place. You can also opt for a group dental insurance policy to provide dental coverage to you as well as your family members.


Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | December 6, 2010

Life AS A Dental Student

This is a guest post by Georgina Hughes

Bio: Georgina Hughes is a contributor various blogs, including those that are to do with cosmetic dentistry, green living and children’s health, and she knows all about mixing work with pleasure during college.

Life for most students is pretty enviable: loads of free time, a flexible timetable and lengthy holiday. However, for some it’s not all holidays, drinking and daytime TV. For dental and medical students, university is intense and a great deal of time and commitment is required in order to succeed.

Dentistry at university

Most students spend their first couple of years at college or university making friends, broadening their horizons, building up a social circle and engaging in fun activities and new hobbies; this is usually followed by two years of cramming and intense revising in order to graduate at the end. For dental students, the hard work starts on day one and doesn’t stop until the day you finish your last exam, as there’s a lot to learn because people’s lives will be in these young people’s hands in a few years time, so it’s no surprise that dentistry is one of the most rigorous courses on offer.

Most dental courses offer a combination of practical work experience and academic study and you’ll need to pass both parts to graduate. Many colleges and universities work alongside local professionals and organizations, so you may find that you spend as much time in a local dental practice or hospital as you do working at your desk.

Making the most of college life

College is designed to be an educational experience but it offers so much more. You’ll get the chance to meet people you probably never would have if you didn’t go to college and participate in activities that you’ve probably never heard of before. Most colleges and universities also have great sports facilities, a massive range of societies and clubs you can join and outstanding research facilities, which will provide you with the best possible environment for your studies.

Life as a dental student is busy, but this doesn’t mean that you need to spend all your time thinking about studying and sitting in lecture theatres. It’s true that you will have to spend a lot of time either studying at college or working in dental practices or community dental centres, but you will also have time to participate fully in college life. It’s important to try and achieve a good balance between work and play and make the most of all the opportunities available to you during your college years.

Tips for surviving student life

Most people assume student life is a breeze but for many, it’s a struggle. Students often struggle for money, experience homesickness and struggle to get used to college life, especially if they have not been away from home before. Many also get stressed and anxious about their studies, upcoming tests and exams and their final results. If you experience problems or you feel stressed, worried or upset, it’s important to try and talk to somebody and sort out the situation before it gets any worse, and remember that if you choose to go into an area such as cosmetic dentistry then the money will make all the effort worthwhile!

Student life is often synonymous with eating lots of fast food, not getting enough sleep and drinking too much alcohol. Try to keep an eye on your health, get enough sleep and be sensible about drinking. This doesn’t mean you need to be boring, it’ll just help to ensure you stay healthy and fit.

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | November 16, 2010

The Latest Dental Technology

This is a guest post by Richard Keane

Richard Keane is a freelance writer who contributes to a range of blogs, spreading the word of green dentistry, good oral hygiene and how a beautiful smile can make a world of difference. He has a firm belief in the saying, ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’, but he is well aware that everybody has their off-days.

The days have long gone when people with toothache had to tie the aching tooth to a door in an attempt to pull it out. Yes, it might surprise you, but that’s just what they did. During the last hundred years, dentistry has undergone tremendous changes. New allied professions such orthodontists and prosthetic technicians have sprung up while dentists themselves now offer their patients better help and advice.

While dentists are not going to disappear any time soon, it is gratifying to know that people in the UK and other advanced nations are realising the health benefits of ensuring good clean teeth; it’s also good to know that new technologies are helping.

But what forms do these technologies take?

They could be divided into three types – personal care, dental care and informational.

Personal care involves ensuring individuals make proper use of all the available oral and dental health facilities. These would include using the correct toothbrush and toothpaste not to mention knowing how to clean correctly; this might include flossing or perhaps using an anti-plaque cleaning product.

Toothbrushes themselves are no longer just the long handled bristle brushes. Recent developments have produced electrical circular brushes, and even manual brushes that use an individual’s saliva to clean the teeth. The latter even does away with toothpaste products, many of which could do teeth more damage as they are often abrasive.

Informational technologies refer to software applications now available on devices such as smartphones. For instance, if you have an iPhone you can download a wide range of applications covering anything from improving your knowledge of anatomy to a glossaries and descriptions of radiation dentistry. You can even see X-ray pictures. Many of these applications are useful for both the casual user and those studying dentistry.

Some applications are aimed at the professional dentist. For example, the Cosmetic Dentistry Applicator is able to analyse and measure a patient’s teeth in order to decide what cosmetic care is needed. This particular software even has a ‘smile design checklist.’

Similarly, Dental Prosthodontist enables dentists to promote proper oral health.

One of the major developments, particularly in recent years is dental care technology. While some traditional technologies such as the dentist drill are still used, many of the developments relate to diagnosis. And with the advent of the digital age, these tools are set to improve even further.

Although the major developments are aimed at the health professional, this is not totally the case. Patients are also able to make use of new innovations. For instance, DVD glasses have been invented which allow clients to watch films while having treatment. It is well known that being kept entertained reduces stress levels, so what’s more relaxing than watching a film while you’re having your teeth pulled.

DVD glasses are also beneficial to dentists since a relaxed patient means quicker treatment.

Related to this is a new patient calming dental technology called Nucalm. It is a non invasive technique which works by inducing calm in the individual. Patients are given tablets which counteract the release of adrenaline, the latter being involved in increased anxiety and excitement.

Laser technology has been used in the medical arena for quite a long time, but dentistry has been rather slow in taking it up. This is now changing. One laser treatment called Diagnodent helps dentists diagnose the early signs of tooth decay. What’s more, as it’s a non painful and non invasive technique it is useful in treating anxious patients.

All in all, dentistry is changing. So, is there any reason why you still fear your dentist?

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | November 9, 2010

The Rise of Eco Dentistry

This is a guest post by Richard Keane

Richard Keane is a freelance writer who contributes to a range of blogs, spreading the word of green dentistry, good oral hygiene and how a beautiful smile can make a world of difference. He has a firm belief in the saying, ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’, but he is well aware that everybody has their off-days.

Being eco friendly has become more and more important over recent years. People are increasingly aware of the damage they are doing to the environment, and so are looking to switch to other alternatives. Originally eco friendly referred to the use of unnecessary chemicals on farms or in the house; it has now developed into an industry covering all sorts of things from biodegradable bags to wind farms.

Another area which is beginning to take off is personal care with a whole new set of products being created from soaps to toothpaste. An offshoot of the latter is eco dentistry.

A greener approach

Basically, eco dentistry also called green dentistry is a more environmentally friendly approach to dental practice. This can range from suggesting simple ways for patients to clean their teeth to using machines that don’t waste scarce resources. Seemingly, recent research has found dentists waste huge amounts of water and electricity. Switching to alternative technologies can reduce this wastage; not to mention saving money.

Conserving energy for instance can be easily achieved if dentists switch off lights and machines when not in use, or insert energy saving bulbs. They can also save a good deal of energy by using the latest advances in dental technology. Similarly, saving water can be achieved by turning off taps when not in use while cleaning patient’s teeth.

Recycling at the dentist

The waiting and reception areas can also contribute to the green effort by recycling anything that can be recycled – plastic cups, magazines, waste paper and so on. Other related ideas include making more use of computer technology for such things as appointments, keeping records, digital accounting and online payment systems. In short, the less paper that’s used, the less need there is to chop down and replant trees.

Advanced dental technology

While newer technologies are often quite expensive initially, over time as more and more people use them, they become more financially accessible. New dental techniques are no different. One such technology is digital X-rays rather than the conventional X-ray machines. Not only are digital X-ray devices more eco friendly they also reduce the amount of dangerous radiation dispersed by up to 90%.

Further, digital X-rays give a sharper and more accurate image of the patient’s mouth as well as getting rid of paper print outs. Research has also found that by using this new dental technique, the average dental surgery will stop the disposal of large amounts of toxic material including dental X-ray fixer and lead foils.

Other examples of new technology include a growing number of dental products available to consumers. One such item is a new type of toothbrush that doesn’t need water as it uses the individual’s own saliva; it’s also believed to clean teeth better than traditional toothpaste.

Use of mercury in dentistry

As intimated above, toxic chemicals in consumer products are one of the major causes of environmental problems. Dentistry is no longer immune to this. For example, using mercury amalgam for fillings is not only environmentally damaging it is now known to be dangerous to patients.

Unfortunately, many general and cosmetic dentists are still using mercury as the alternatives are just too expensive. Consequently, until dentists switch to less harmful fillers, the only other solution to cutting down on mercury waste is to invest in a mercury separating machine. Doing so however can stop 3.7 tons of mercury waste going down the drain – literally.

Finally, dentists can help their patients by offering better advice. This will not only improve their dental health, but will get them to think more about environmental issues.

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | July 4, 2010

A testimonial about dentistry 9

The following is a testimonial that we recently received from one of our patients, I just wanted to share it with you
Dear Dr. Silverstrom,

The transformation that you accomplished on my mouth is nothing short of amazing. Having lives most of my life with grey teeth from childhood, tetracycline stains, having white teeth and a beautiful smile has taken years off of my appearance.
I love the way I look and the compliments I receive on my beautiful teeth.

Thank you so much for accomplishing something that I know was not an “easy” procedure. Your expertise and taste will guarantee that my mouth looked natural as well as beautiful.

Sincerely yours,

Joyce Sperling

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | July 1, 2010

A testimonial about dentistry 8

The following is a testimonial that we recently received from one of our patients, I just wanted to share it with you
Dear Silverstrom group,

I wanted to thank you very much for whitening my teeth. They look great and I’m so happy with the results. Thanks again.

Rebecca Myers

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | June 28, 2010

A testimonial about dentistry 7

The following is a testimonial that we recently received from one of our patients, I just wanted to share it with you
I have to qualify my following advertorial blah blah blah to let you know that I adore Dr. David Silverstrom. Not only is he probably the best dentist I’ve ever gone to (and I’ve been to plenty!) but I think he is a wonderful person too.

My dirty secret is that I snore. This is hard to admit as a female, and even as a human! No one likes to be around a ‘snorer’ no matter how hot you are! It’s so embarrassing to me.

I can make myself snore and long ago figured out that my throat closes. I’ve talked to David for years about how there should be a device to hold my jaw a certain way which would stop the snoring. Some years back he said there finally was.

This contraption, called TAP is fairly expensive and there are no guarantees that it will work. I was afraid to try it so I had sleep studies done and was diagnose with sleep apnea. Seems the way my mouth and throat are constructed just cause snoring, lucky me! I apparently stop breathing 35 times per hour, and I wondered why I was always tired!

The sleep study doctor outfitted me with a CPAP machine (with face mask and hose) which blows forced air into your nose to keep the throat open. It’s not a bad setup if you’re scuba diving but it’s far from comfortable when you have to sleep with it. Oh and the look – this getup has officially marked the end to my ever dating again!

So since this panacea didn’t really work for me, I reluctantly decided to spend the money and try the TAP getup. Its two pieces which look and feel like a top and bottom retainer, moveable from side to side and connects in the middle.

I have used my TAP device since I got it and as far as being able to love a big mouth guard thingy goes, I love mine!

Be clear, there is an adjustment period, the jaw muscles take some time in the mornings to get back to their normal position and it of course takes time to get used to sleeping with it. Doesn’t everything and everyone? I barely notice any of it now.

So as far as my snoring goes- Robby, the man I’ve slept with for over 20 years says I barely snore anymore. I’m no longer taking naps after work so I can get up later to go back to bed for the night. I’m not always as tired as I was all the time. I’m actually getting my energy back!

There are no perfect solutions for us special folks that snore, but as far as I know, this is the best alternative there is right now. Don’t wait as long as I did to get relief, snoring affects every part of your life! I feel so much better that I get a much better quality of sleep now.

My only problem at this time is to convince Robby that he needs to get the TAP device too even though according to him, he doesn’t snore!

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | June 25, 2010

A testimonial about dentistry 6

The following is a testimonial that we recently received from one of our patients, I just wanted to share it with you
The Silverstrom Group

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on two orthodontists, three periodontists, three oral surgeons and five general dentists, I went to Dr. Silverstrom. He was not only able to rescue my teeth from periodontal disease, but he provided me with the ability to smile openly after years of hiding my teeth. What sets Dr. Silverstrom apart from the other professionals I have encountered is his concern for his patients in addition to his treating his patients. His staff reflects this practical, caring approach as well. Their main concern is for the patient’s well being. They are extremely professional in all aspects of patient care as well as the practical and economic perspective of each patient.
Additionally, they reflect the same concern for patient comfort. I highly recommend this practice. You will receive not only the best Dentistry but you will get a caring, pragmatic approach to your treatment as well.


William La Vista

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | June 22, 2010

A testimonial about dentistry 5

The following is a testimonial that we recently received from one of our patients, I just wanted to share it with you

Before coming to see Dr. Silverstrom I was always self conscious about my smile. As a personal trainer image is an important aspect of my profession. Dr. Silverstrom improved my smile and gave the confidence to smile more which has elevated my business. I even have pictures of myself smiling posted up on my website.

Greg Crawford

Posted by: Dr. Gary Silverstrom | June 18, 2010

A testimonial about dentistry 4

The following is a testimonial that we recently received from one of our patients, I just wanted to share it with you

Dear Dr. Silverstrom,

When I was referred to you last October, I never pictured the beautiful smile I have today. Even though I came to you in the middle of a very taxing process, you were not phased. Thank you for treating me with the patience and always giving me the best care. It means so much to me that you treated me like you would treat your own daughter. I am so happy with my smile and my confidence makes such a difference in my life. Whenever I look at my teeth I will always be grateful to you and your incredible skill. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I could not have gone through this and achieved such amazing results with any other doctor.

Best Regards,

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